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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Hello and welcome to what I hope will be a new way of keeping us all connected. So blogging, this is new. I decided to give it a try since it's all the rage with the kids these days. Do kids say that anymore, "all the rage", probably not. Oh well, I'm dating myself I suppose.
Well, I've decided to use this page to keep you all updated, as well as to subject you all to my opionions. My blog, sorry!
Hmmm, new stuff. I go full-time at work starting Monday, in addition to going to school full-time. Translation, if you call and I don't answer I will call you back before the apocalypse, hopefully. If not, don't worry about it, you've got bigger problems to deal with!
So here's the fun stuff, I'm going to include some movie reviews as well as my frequent listening preferences. All my opinion of course, it's more fun for me that way. So here it goes:

***** Film Review
1. Elizabethtown (PG-13)-starring Orlando Bloom*** and Kirsten Dunst**. Not the average romantic comedy, it's pretty deep and a little eclectic. Not all average movie-goers will appreciate it. [WARNING: language, interspersed throughout the film, not excessive but enough to warrant the rating.] {** 1/2}
2. Just Like Heaven (PG-13)-starring Reese Witherspoon*** and Mark Ruffalo****. More mainstream, but it has more substance than most RC's. A good movie, definately recommended. [WARNING: skanky woman alert-thankfully she's only in a couple of scenes throughout the entire movie.]

In My CD Player
Gavin Degraw's Chariot
Nickle Creek's Why Should the Fire Die?

Must See Classic
Calamity Jane-starring Doris Day and Howard Keel. First off, you can't go wrong with Doris Day. Besides that, this is a classic that everyone should watch, especially those of you who like musicals. This movie is meant to be silly, just keep that in mind. Sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh. Enjoy!

More to come later, thanks for checking in. Please leave your comments, just remember to keep 'em kind people, blogs have feelings too!


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