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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Here's a picture my sister took as we were leaving home to move me last year. See, there is beauty in the desert!


I am a little out of it today, still trying to fight off whatever bug is going around. I just watched a really amazing race at the olympics. It was the men's 18 mile crosscountry skiing competition. What was so amazing was the Norwegean defending gold medalist was tripped at the starting line and got all tangled up. Well, to make a long race short, he came back to pass over 70 other skiers to win the silver medal! It was so awesome. Doesn't it stink that Michelle Kwan had to drop out!? By the way I think that the luge is about the coolest thing ever!
Ok, I'm back. I just got done talking to one of my bestest friends, Sarah (the African Princess). She is one of the most amazing people in the whole world, and she always has something encouraging to say. God has used Sarah so much in my life, she is such a ray of sunlight. Thank you Sarah for being my friend and for allowing God to minister to others through you. You're awesome!
I would also like to say hello to my friends back home at the CU, Michele, Emily and Suzanne. Hang in there, things will work out soon. And to Trish, my friend, take slow deep breaths! Emily, one word, peanut (when the time is right)!
I could never leave out my two oldest (as in length of friendship) and best friends, Kina and Kesa. Words cannot describe how much I love you guys, your amazing. I hope that everyone is blessed enough to have friends like them who will stick with you through the hard times and bring so much joy to life.
And my lovely little apartment buddies, the Standridges and the Woodrings, you are amazing friends. Without you, life would be alot darker, and very boring! Hey baby David!!! (I'm a big fan!)
And last but without a doubt not the least, my family. You are everything, I love you guys.
Now that this has turned into a lovefest blog I will digress.
Have you ever been to a fair where they make salt water taffy? They stretch it and pull it until you think it's about to fall apart, but then they put some mystery stuff on it that makes it able to go on and continue being stretched. I fell like that taffy, I really need the mystery stuff. When you face the posibility that everything you had thought you were going to do in your life might not actually be what you should do, it takes alot of stretch. Most of which I feel I sevearly lack. Life is so different from what you think it is as a child, and I don't think that anyone can really prepare you for that revelation. It's terrifying, and yet I think that going through life not realizing the difference would be even scarier. Well, I have alot of thinking to do, so I will leave you with a few of my favorite things.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants*****
Bride and Prejudice***

Sanctus Real

The Single Greatest Entertainer of All Time
Daaaaaahhhhh daaaaa daaaaaaaaa daa, da daaaaaa . . .

ELVIS! *ahhhhh, ahhhhh (crowd cheering)*


Jim Eliot-missionary to the Auca tribe in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador
"He is no fool, who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose."

"What is a friend? It is a single soul dwelling in two bodies."


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