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Friday, February 17, 2006

Team USA

Let's talk about VP Cheney and the recent hunting kerbaple (I don't think that's a word, but I like it). Ok people, stuff happens, there I said it. Those are my words of wisdom on the issue.
So, in other important news, Lisa Marie Presley has married again, hubby number four. Despite the skepticism of most, I really hope this one lasts.
Well, my Latin elective has been canceled today, my one ray of light in my otherwise bleak Thursday/Friday schedule. Oh well, no whinning like yesterday.

I'm a little bummed for Team USA, we haven't dominated the winter games like we have in the past. Man, isn't it funny that we are disappointed when we don't win every event! I wonder what it would be like to be from Luxembourg, you'd be estatic if you won even one medal. We did take gold in the men's 5000m and 500m speedskate, of course we have kicked some tail in snowboarding. Yeah Flying Tomato! Ok, so moguls is about the coolest thing ever, so way to go Toby Dawson, who took bronze! We do sort of stink in the biathalon, but who really knows what they do anyway. Finally, Ted Ligety won gold in the Men's combined Alpine ski. So, now the world anxiously awaits that epoch of olympic skill and athleticism, curling! Man, makes me tired just thinking about it.

I just got done talking with Dow, Scott and Ron; we made the mistake of talking about different towns and food. I'm really hungry! I better run, class is about to start. Wooohoooo Christian Writing!