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Friday, March 03, 2006

Long time no . . . well you know the rest

Hey Everybody,
It's been awhile since I've blogged, not to much has happened. Time is rolling by as it always does. I think I'm finally over my illness, as long as it doesn't come back around again. My neighbors and I have this lovely habit of sharing each other's sickness, it's great fun! It's so funny, just last weekend I was looking around at the trees and longing for spring; then I was sick a day and the next thing I know the trees are blooming! It's so pretty!
My current obsession is Walk the Line, the new film about Johnny Cash. It is amazing, everything about it is superb. I just love it! One thing that really struck me was the similarity in Johnny and Elvis' lives. First off, if you know me you know I Love Elvis Presley! Well I didn't realize that they were both on the Sun Record label starting out and toured together. But they both developed addictions to prescription drugs, and they both married women who when it really came to it didn't want a famous husband. As much as I like Priscilla I think she and Vivian Cash had alot in common. In her defense, she was only 14 when she met Elvis and really didn't have the opportunity to find out who she was on her own. But both of them seem to have seen their husbands' problems for what they were doing to them, instead of pulling up their sleeves and taking them in hand. I do not condone or encourage adultery in any way, but I do believe that June Carter was the primary factor in Johnny's recovery. I think she was the one meant for him and he for her, they just made the wrong decisions before they met. She fought him and his addiction, she cared enough about him to fight. I think that their life together is really a testament to what love can do, it can save you, it can give you a reason to live again. One of my favorite parts in the movie is where Johnny is going through detox basically, and his drug dealer shows up at the house. Little did that dude know that the Carters were there! June started yelling at him to get out of there and her dad and Mother Maybelle chased him off the place with shotguns! I think I just liked the image of Mother Maybelle Carter with a shotgun, it's a great one!
Anyway to conclude, you have to see Walk the Line, by the way Joaquin Pheonix and Reese Witherspoon's performances are fabulous, both theatrically and vocally. Anyother must see, the new Pride & Prejudice (this makes the fourth version I own on film!). Watch as Lizzy "bewitches" Darcy "body and soul", I love that part!
Maybe I should become a movie critic, I wouldn't mind getting paid to watch movies! If Ebert decides to retire let me know! Well, I better sign off, goodnight all.